Quran School is an online Quran teaching school established in 2007, and for the last 9 years, Quran School has been hard at work spreading the message of Islam across the world and have since the time of its inception taught and satisfied an innumerable amount of people from around the world. We strive on the satisfaction that we provide our students and on the feedback that they provide which is why we always highly encourage our learners to provide suggestions and bring to light any concerns they might have regarding our services so that we may remedy them. Quran School is one of the most reliable online Quran academy in the world, but don't just take our word for it, we at Quran School never need to praise ourselves, our well satisfied students do that for us.

During my early adulthood I became close to Islam through Allah's blessing and started learning the Quran. After searching for a suitable place to learn, I came across Quran School. The small comfortable classes were a perfect environment for me to learn in as they involve no hassles and noise. My Teacher is a blessing, always encouraging me, showing patience and teaching me the rules of tajweed. I have completed my basic course and am ready for the next step of learning the Quran.

Habab Adil

There was a time I was in great difficulty finding the right place to better my recitation. Quran School motivated me greatly through dedicated study and I was able to improve exponentially.


By moulding there teaching methods according to my weaknesses and strength, in a few short months Quran School has helped me in fluently reading the Quran. With teaching methods that ensure great results, makes Quran School the best place for contemporary Islamic education.

Dr. M. Imran

For only a few short months I have been getting online Tajweed lessons from Quran School and I can tell I'm already better than I ever was before. My teacher who is in Pakistan is always punctual, has great communication skills, is highly intelligent, professional and is a certified teacher of the Quran. This entire course is a blessing.


I had recently converted to Islam and was very interested in learning the Quran since I found its sounds very soothing. Having no place to learn around me, I searched online and came across Quran School and am so glad now that I did. I have attended tajweed classes for the last 6 months almost and am now moving to learning the Quran. The teaching standards here are superb and I have not only learned about the Quran, but also about my Islamic faith and even how to offer my prayers. The classes are very friendly and comfortable and I am glad I got this opportunity to learn here.


The lesson we get from Quran School teachers are Allah's blessings. Our teacher is really great, being humble, knowledgeable and kind. It is a pleasure to learn the noblest of books from such a noble person.


Our youngest daughter had been attending Quran School classes and the rest of us also decided to join. It was the best decision we had made. Our teacher gives classes twice a week to our daughter and once a week to us adults. In a short amount of time she can now recite various parts of the Quran from heart. His methods of teaching the Quran are exceptional and highly suitable for everyone, plus he is a great guy. We have all improved greatly in recitation of the holy Quran and especially in our tajweed recently and have learned much about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from our teacher.

Aisha Rashid

I started to learn Tajweed with Quran School with zero to none Arabic language awareness or skills. All praise is to Allah because in 3 months I have become adept at reciting verses with tajweed. It is my hope that by next Ramadan I will be able to recite the Quran fluently. Please make dua for me that I may accomplish my goal. Since joining Quran School, there has been an increase in my friends. There are a lot of spiritual benefits with these classes. I pray that Allah will allow me to be remain humble and help me in learning His book.

Asim Raza

Being a mother it was dream and goal in live to have a deep love of Islam develop in my child from an early age. Thank Allah (SWT) for Quran School for my child is learning great about Islam now. I was so impressed with this institution that I myself decided to enrol into its tajweed program and have already made fantastic progress. I have since then started attending other classes as according to my need. I sincerely believe that Quran School can enhance and teach even those who already have good knowledge about Islam and the Quran.

Binish & Son

Since 2010 we have been learning the Quran as a couple. We firmly believe that Quran School has helped us greatly. Before joining this institute, we always held the anxiety that our Islamic knowledge was very low. Since then and after attending classes, we can say that we have definitely become more knowledge. Quran School has not only taught us about the Quran and Islam but also about how to be responsible Muslims. It was a very happy day when we came across Quran School's website. We hope to continue these classes and that Allah (SWT) accepts our efforts and guides us to success in the hereafter.

Mr & Mrs Bradley