Quran Courses - Spoken Arabic

Quran School is one of the leading online Islamic academies in the world and provides a number of courses that re specially designed to provide people an easy way to learn about Islam and the book of Allah (SWT). One of the core aspects of Islamic education is the Arabic language and learning it is essential for anyone who wishes to learn about the Quran. However we have the distinction in the fact that apart from Muslims, even non-Muslims use our services to learn the Arabic language simply due to our high standards of quality education. Online spoken Arabic course is taught by an expert online teacher who is well versed in the language and who knows how and what to teach those learning Arabic. Quran School has especially designed this online spoken Arabic course for non-Arab students and kids of all nations who wish to learn the vocabulary of the Quran. This course is designed in a way to help people, especially kids to quickly yet expertly pick up the required skills and understanding that enables them to speak Arabic fluently.

Benefits of Spoken Arabic Course:

By learning Arabic through online Arabic tutors and communicating with them, students are not only able to learn the Quran but also speak one of the most spoken languages in the world. Our online Spoken Arabic course not only finds itself teaching Muslims about the Quran and Islam but also non-Muslims who wish to learn this ancient and amazing language. This is an easy course to follow and in a short time people are able to comprehend and speak the Arabic language. With little more effort, people who wish so, can go the extra step and also learn how to write the Arabic script. Apart from learning Spoken Arabic for the Quran, people working in the Middle-East, doing business there or who simply want to visit that area benefit greatly from this short course that enables them to communicate with the native population of those areas.


Part # 1

Lesson # 01 Class Room (a)

Lesson # 02 Class Room (b)

Lesson # 03 Traffic

Lesson # 04 Market

Lesson # 05 Verbs

Lesson # 06 Review

Part # 2

Lesson # 07 Doctor

Lesson # 08 Table

Lesson # 09 House

Lesson # 10 Airport

Lesson # 11 Zoo

Lesson # 12 Review

Part # 3

Lesson # 13 Bakr's House (a)

Lesson # 14 Bakr's House (b)

Lesson # 15 In the Home

Lesson # 16 In the Kitchen

Lesson # 17 Office Room

Lesson # 18 Review

Part # 4

Lesson # 19 Bakr's Family

Lesson # 20 Family Wudu

Lesson # 21 Family praying Maghrib

Lesson # 22 Around the Table

Lesson # 23 In the Evening

Lesson # 24 Review

Part # 5

Lesson # 25 Arabic Language of Quran

Lesson # 26 At the Institute of Arabic Language

Lesson # 27 Ahmed receives Books

Lesson # 28 Exam Schedule

Lesson # 29 Exam Result

Lesson # 30 Review