Quran Courses - Classical Arabic

For those that want to learn the word to word meaning and translation of the verses of the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) along with all the grammatical rules, then Classical Arabic courses provided by Quran School are the best option. This online Arabic course will allow a student to understand the Arabic language, in speaking and comprehending and even a bit in writing. One of the different things about classical Arabic as compared to its modern counterpart is that it has all the rules of tajweed already applied to its structure which is why this online Arabic course is often complemented by our detailed and highly popular online tajweed course. Both of courses are designed in ways that allow a person to learn to speak the language of the Prophet (SAW), fluently and elegantly. This course is closely related to the studies of tajweed and people who want themselves or their kids to be able to understand the Quran without having to pour over translations of it in their native languages will find these online Skype classical Arabic classes of invaluable.

Benefits of Classical Arabic Course:

Not only can a person learn and translate the Quran easily to understand its meaning, but this course also helps students to offer prayers in full consciousness by understanding what they are saying during prayers. This online classical Arabic course is most commonly the first step that people take on their way to higher learning and understanding of Quran and Islam on the whole. People who learn classical Arabic online through Skype or traditionally are more than capable of understanding the detailed meanings of the Quran and can easily put their skills towards teaching and educating other people regarding the book of Allah (SWT).


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