Why Tajweed Became Essential After the Rise of Islam

It is compulsory for each and every Muslim to learn Quran with tajweed. In order to understand the importance of Tajweed and its impact on the way Quran is recited it is beneficial to look at its history and how and why it became a separate science that became essential to Islam. The main purpose of Tajweed is to allow non-Arabs to understand the classifications of things mentioned in the Quran. For example, plants and flowers are mentioned in the Quran, tajweed is used to classify the two. Quran was revealed with Tajweed. When Quran began to be revealed it was learned by the Arabs easily for it was in their own native tongue and they had complete grasp over it. Moreover the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself used to correctly recite to the people; also it was not written in the same manner it is written today. After the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Islam began to spread outside of Arabia. As non-Arabs embraced the religion of Allah (SWT), the Arabs noticed that the new converts did not read the Quran how the Prophet (SAW) had taught them. This led the scholars to establish the science of Tajweed so that non-Arabs can recite the Quran how it is meant to be recited.

Though it is taught in all Muslim nations from early life, those living in non-Muslim countries seldom find the facilities or institutes that teach them Arabic with Tajweed. Those who are in such a state and wish to learn Quran reading online with tajweed are encouraged to join Quran tajweed classes. With the advent of the internet, many new and interesting alternatives that have broken the long established mantra of regular institute learning have emerged. Online education has become more and more popular as the world is fast moving into a more connected age. There are many benefits of online education the primary being that it is much cheaper and flexible than most physical colleges and universities. Muslims around the world have taken full use of the new method and have introduced curriculums of Quran tutoring online. There are many courses that are provided by such Islamic online schools including tajweed classes online.

Quran tutoring online is similar in its execution compared to attending a regular Islamic center of mosque to learn the Quran
. There are however a few advantages of online Quran education. The student is provided with direct one-on-one interaction with the teacher. The hired teachers that are to teach Quran are qualified and learned scholars. Having direct interaction with the scholar enables the student to have instant answers to his or her queries regarding Islam which in turn enables deeper concentration and understanding regarding the word of Allah (SWT).