Where Are We Going

They say that the womb that bears a child is the first learning school for a child. It is no doubt that after a child has come into this earth, his or her first teacher is actually the mother. This doctrine is a fact and common among all cultures and religions of the world. Such as it is, this is not only also an accepted fact in Islam, but holds significant importance in it. Muslims across the world today make it a point to teach their children Quran and follow many methods to accomplish this task. Regardless times have a changed extremely since the time Islam came into existence. In the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), people from all around started to convert to Islam and as the religion grew and further more people came into it from foreign lands so did the need to learn the Quran. In the old days, people used to travel many miles from all over the world by land and by sea and sought out scholars who could teach them the Quran. Today that is not the case, since Islam is now widespread and there are mosques and institutes everywhere on earth. Even in places where Islamic teaching institutes or opportunities are not openly present, people can simply join an online Quran teaching school where they can indulge in online Quran reading and even the more complicated studies such as courses that allow them to learn Quran with tajweed.

online Quran reading

The irony of all the ease that these online Quran teaching schools or teachers from whom people get help in online Quran reading and from whom these people can also learn Quran with tajweed, is that having all kinds of Islamic Education and Quranic understanding with ease and without any effort from their own part, has allowed people to take this blessing for granted. As mentioned before there was a time that people actually had to travel great distances to even get the simplest form of Islamic education. For those that converted and lived in faraway lands from Arabia had to seek out scholars to learn from them. Today there are mosques, Islamic institutions, centers and even online schools from which people can learn with great ease but seldom do. There are mobile applications today that have entire Quran and other Islamic knowledge within them, and still people don’t use them. We live today in a time where disciplines such as medical practice and engineering have become more important for people than learning the Quran. This is not to say that those studies are not important and should not be taken, rather it is meant to say that Muslims especially should learn other things that will help them in this world but should also make learning and understanding the Quran a part of their daily life.