What the World Needs Today

Quran is the holy book of the Muslims just as Bible is the book of the Christians and the Torah is the scripture of the Jews. The Quran is the last divine scripture that Allah (SWT) in his mercy sent down towards mankind and this book if free from any kind of corruption and will remain uncorrupted and unaltered till the end of all time. The Quran in this day and age is divided into 30 chapters that are comprised of Surahs which are 114 in total number and the entirety of the Quran is based on 6236 verses that act as direct guidance from Allah (SWT) towards mankind to live a good life in this world and find success in the next. In today’s world regrettably due to widespread misconceptions about the teachings of Islam and the doctrines of the Quran many people around the world do not hold a positive and in most cases even a respectful attitude towards the Quran. This is leading to much hate between the world towards Islam and Muslims in particular and is a very fragile situation that can simply be remedied if a person who does not understand the Quran can simply pick it up and research it. It is no doubt that if a person can study the Quran in detail, it is obvious to see that guidance and wellbeing of mankind is the core message. The best way to understand the Quran for a person who has yet to delve deeper into the science of the holy Scripture is to read an in depth tafseer. Tafseer literally means ‘explanation’ or in some cases ‘interpretation’.Tafseer is known as the commentary of the Quran and many scholars throughout history have worked their entire lives on it. Tafseer can help in understanding the verses of the Quran by giving them context on why, when and where specific verses where revealed.

There are many digital schools that provide Quran learning classes online today. Many people who wish to study the holy book of Islam in depth join these schools to learn Quran tafseer online through online Quran tafseer classes. Tafseer is itself a science for the Muslims and is highly important for the correct understanding of the word of Allah (SWT). Without tafseer it is very much common sense that no concrete understanding of the verses of the Quran will be available to Muslims. Quran learning classes online and online Quran tafseer classes where people get to learn Quran tafseer online are some of the most enrolled in courses around the world, especially in recent events when Muslims and Non-Muslims alike rush to learn what the scripture of Islam says and what knowledge it actually holds.