What Plagues the Muslims today

They say that the best way to learn the Quran is to read it to an expert. Who are these experts’ people ask? Well in fact they can be anybody who has sufficient knowledge of the Arabic language or someone that knows how to read the Quran with the correct rules of tajweed and grammar. In short it is suffice to say that in Muslim countries at least there is no shortage of qualified teachers for the Quran and someone who is weak in recitation or the Arabic language can easily find means to better his skills, but what about those that do not live in Muslims counties but are the residents of western nations or other non-Muslim areas. The answer for them is to simply get in touch with an online Quran teacher. An online Quran teacher is same as a regular Quran teacher with the only difference being that he or she teaches his or her students over the internet. These teachers are highly trained and experts at what they do.

Learn Quran with Tajweed

Appreciate the Now
There is a rather fun fact in the Islamic doctrine that most people don’t know about and if they knew about it then they would appreciate much more what modern technology has provided them with. In Islam, if a person cannot find a teacher that can teach him or her to read the Quran and about the religion in general but especially the Quran, that he or she is encouraged to travel to an area where such a teacher can be found. In the past perhaps this the reason that knowledge was considered great whereas today it is taken for granted because back then people really had to go through hardship to gain it. In today’s world where the internet has become as common as breathing, many people do not consider how blessed they really are. A person today can be sitting in the deepest darkest and most remote jungles of Africa but can communicate with the rest of the world through devices that connect through satellite internet systems. Similarly a person can be a resident of the farthest and most isolated societies of let’s say Canada but can still have access to a qualified teacher of Islam from whom he or she can learn Quran with tajweed.People today tend to take for granted what they have and especially Muslims of today do not even consider using all these latest technologies at their disposal to spread the message of Islam.

Ignorance of the Muslims
There are hundreds of Islamic schools around the world that are digital in nature and offer courses such as those that allow people to learn Quran with tajweed. But in this enormous world of billions of people, these few thousand schools are not enough, in fact they do not even break even to make a difference. Even though these schools and those that run them are fulfilling their duty towards the religion of Islam, it is the broader population of the Muslims that has failed to make a difference. In the old days, people had to travel hundreds of miles to different lands for the sole purpose of spreading Islam, and they took pride in that for that was the strength of their faith. Today Muslims have reached a point that not only are they lacking in spreading the word of Islam in the world, they themselves have become caught up in the diversions of this world and have little to knowledge about what their religion says. Whereas Muslims in the past bore the scorching heats of the deserts and the harshness of the wild with the sole purpose of spreading the world of Allah (SWT), today a Muslim cannot even give a proper answer to a non-Muslim while sitting in his comfortable room. This is not to say that there are no people that spread Islam using the internet, it is just to say that if all Muslims had taken the responsibility of defending Islam against the baseless allegations the west throws at its doctrines and had taken the step to properly educate the masses about its true message, the world would have been a much better and different place today.