We Should take Steps to Educate People about Islam and its True Meaning

It is no doubt that those Muslims who grew up in the Western world almost two decades ago had it comparatively easier than those who are growing up all over the world today. This is most commonly seen in the fact that years, ago people genuinely had real questions about Islam regarding its teachings and laws like why women wear hijabs and why did Muslims pray in the way they do. These were the questions asked and the conversations were most of the time pleasant and informative where Muslims could explain about Islam to the people. But today is an entirely different story. No matter which way you look, Islam is constantly under fire and Muslims continuously have to defend their faith from misconceptions and ridicule. Even though inter faith dialogues are still present, the main problem is that most people have established a perception about Islam through their media and entertainment circles and are no longer willing to even understand or learn about it. No matter how good something a Muslims does, it is always scrutinized and seldom admired. This is more evident in public platforms such as YouTube were thousands of people make videos judging Islam and placing horrible allegations on it or interpreting cherry picked religious texts to present a savage picture to the world, and they do all this without having ever opened the Quran or researched Islam themselves. This is especially troublesome because for one there is no convincing these individuals and secondly, the youth of all nations including Muslims now rely on platforms such as YouTube for their information and entertainment. Muslim children are especially exposed to all this online misinformation and blatant hate for Islam and if they are not themselves educated regarding their own religion they begin to have not only doubts but in worst cases actually start to believe this opinion. It is a sad reality for Muslims across the world that there are millions of Muslims present today that do not even know the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) correctly.


What can be done?

It falls on parents and teachers be they online Quran tutor and online Quran teacher or otherwise to embedded Islamic knowledge in the youth of the Muslims so that they can not only get rid of their own doubts but defend Islam in an intellectual manner. Here are some tips for online Quran tutor, online Quran teacher, regular teachers and especially parents to follow in order to instil Islamic learning their children.

1.    Discussions have become necessary with children and adults alike in the Muslim world. Teachers, be they online Quran tutor and online Quran teacher or regular ones needs to discuss with their students what is going on around the world and what can be done about it. These students may be victims of identity crises or other problems with their religion and need to be educated.

2.    Interfaith Dialogue is one of the best ways not only to learn about Islam as a religion from different perspectives but also to increase friendship with people of other faiths so they can understand Islam better.