Ways to Better Quran Recitation

The Quran is the holy book of Islam and is the word of Allah (SWT) himself that He in all his grace and mercy sent down to mankind by revealing to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) an Arab through the Angel Jibreel (AS). When the angel revealed the Quran, Jibreel (AS) did not simply speak or read the letters of the Quran; rather he recited the words of Allah (SWT) to the Prophet with all the rules of Tajweed intact. In this way Jibreel (AS) not only taught Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to the read the Quran, but he also taught the Prophet in what manner the Quran was supposed to be read. Recitation is a word used for Quran instead of reading it. The Quran is a unique book and unlike any other book in the world, it comes with detailed rules and regulations regarding the pronounciation of its words. This due to the fact that the Arabic language is linguistically much more complex than any other language in the world, and while many consider some of the most obscure languages that are found in the most obscure parts of the world to be most complex, this is not the case. In the Arabic tongue, any one word can have more than one meaning depending on the way it is pronounced.

Learning Quran for beginners can be a bit of a difficult task especially for those who do not have the Arabic as their native tongue. If a person wants to learn Quran at home then the best time to do that is at the start by joining an online Qaida course. One of the other easy ways to learn Quran is to follow the advice of none other than the beloved holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which is to recite whenever and wherever you can and as much as you can. An Online Qaida course can be really helpful  to Learn how to read, understand, recite, memorize in online Quran classes, courses, lessons for kids adults and females.