To Memorize Quran Online over Skype is a Big Task Especially for Kids

A Brief History of Memorization

In the old days the Arabs had a tradition of memorizing entire lengths of texts and committing them word for word in their memory. One of the noblest men considered in ancient Arabia was the one who could quote information from memory. Memorization was a tradition among the Arabs then and a deep part of their culture. This was simply due to the fact that writing though existed in the world at the time, and even in Arabia, there were seldom people available that knew how to right. This does not mean that the Arabs did not write to begin with. The information that they memorized usually came in the form of written texts or was more often quoted from one another. As memorization was and is still to this a part of the Arab culture, it was only normal that after the advent of Islam, the religion of the last messenger of Allah (SWT), Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the revelation of the Quran verses, people began to memorize them and commit them to memory. Though it is known that whenever Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was revealed a verse or verses of the Quran, he would have his scribes write them down on objects such as leaves and bones for preservation though the main method of preservation of the holy Quran remained memorization. Whenever Prophet Muhammad (SAW) quoted a verse of the Quran that had been revealed to him through the Angel Jibraeel (AS) from Allah (SWT), the companions of the Prophet (SAW) would memorize it and then teach it to others. This began the long lasting tradition of memorizing the Quran that is still in practice to this day; in fact millions across the world today actively learn and memorize the Quran on a daily basis. By the time the Quran was finally completed, there already existed many Hufaaz (those who memorised the Quran) in the time of the Prophet (SAW). After the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his companions continued this tradition and taught other people the Quran. During the caliphate of the Hazrat Usman (RA), it was he who had the entire Quran compiled in the form that is available to us today. With the Quran in proper book form now present, copies were made and sent to all regions of the world where Islam had spread. This however did not deteriorate the importance of memorization, rather it enhanced and further strengthened it as now millions of people of different nationalities and cultures memorize the Quran.
Memorization of the Quran is the dream of many Muslims and especially parents who wish their children to become Hafiz. However it must be noted that every person is different than each other and it should first be made sure that if a person can memorize the Quran or not.

Advice on Memorization Especially regarding Children

Parents of children or anyone who wishes to memorize Quran online or through any other means must first completely understand that this is no small and easy task. To memorize Quran online or through traditional means require great effort and dedication on not only the student’s part, but on the part of the parent and teacher also. It must also be understood that memorization of the Quran without a teacher is nearly impossible which is why those that do not have access to such teachers in a physical capacity should get the services of an online Quran teacher that is able to teach effectively over the internet through Skype and where the student can learn easily from the comfort of their home. Online Quran schools provide good opportunities to learn Quran online for kids. Regardless of what method you choose to learn the Quran through such as going to an Islamic centre or learning through an online Quran teacher, those who wish to have their kids memorize the Quran either through traditional means or courses to memorize Quran online, be sure that the child and the teacher are ready to undertake this huge task. Parents are advised to get in touch with the child’s teacher if he or she has one regardless if he or she are present in a physical capacity or are online Quran teacher. The tutor of the child can correctly guide the parents if their child is ready to memorize Quran online or through traditional means. In this regard, online Quran teacher and tutors that teaches the book of Allah (SWT) to kids over the internet through the use of Skype are much better than teachers that are present in crowded classrooms, simply because thanks to one-on-one interactions with the student, the online teacher is more aware of the child’s capabilities and skills. Online Islamic learning through online Quran Schools are one of the best was to learn Quran online for kids.