There is no other God than Allah SWT

It is no doubt that Allah (SWT) put His blessed awareness in the hearts of all humans and has reinforced that awareness with signs that surround them. Still it is no small fact that many people still cannot grasp the true presence of Allah (SWT) without proper revelation for Himself. For the purpose of getting mankind back on the straight path, Allah (SWT) in His great mercy sent prophets to the nations bearing the message that there is no other God than Allah (SWT). These messengers not only spread the message of with which they were tasked with but also taught people how to worship the creator because these details were not inherently known by them. These two missions were the most important that any prophet accomplished. One thing that must be understood even though many non-Muslims do not believe it is that each and every messenger of Allah (SWT), from the first messenger, Prophet Adam (AS) to the last, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came bearing the same message, which was to call back people to towards Allah (SWT) and to worship him alone so that they may find success in the afterlife and this life. Quran is the last revelation by Allah (SWT) towards mankind and unlike the previous scriptures it is still in the same form that it was revealed in 1400 years ago. There are many digital schools that provide online Quran classes and online Quran memorization course and classes. Online Quran memorization has become on of the most enrolled into course across the world today as interest in Islam has grown. Online Quran classes and online Quran memorization course are just like their physical counterparts in execution and learning however online Quran memorization has some very important pros to itself as compared to learning from an institute such as the ability to schedule classes according to a person’s own timings.