There are many Muslims across the world who still do not have knowledge about the Quran

For Muslims of all sects it is highly important to gather and learn knowledge regarding the Quran and Islam in general, especially in today’s world where Islam is under intense scrutiny by the world media and has a difficult standing with the people who are ignorant of its true teachings. In today’s world, Islam is portrayed in an evil light only because of the actions of a few. In order to counter this hate, it is imperative for Muslims to learn extensively about their religion so that they may be able to defend it and have its true peaceful meaning taught to the people around the world. People today learn Quran online through online Quran teacher and tutors. Even though the majority of the Muslims learn about the Quran from a younger age, especially those that are based in Muslim countries, there are still exceptions. There are many Muslims around the world that are a huge exception in the fact that they know absolutely nothing about the Quran and Islam. Within these people there are those Muslims who wish to learn the Quran but are unable to do so due to lack of resources of institutes or mosques in their areas. For them the best alternative is to learn Quran online through an online Quran teacher. An online Quran academy has a number of courses that can help people understand Islam better such as the studies that allow a person to learn Quran with tafseer. Many scholars of Islam hold the view that people should learn Quran with tajweed which is basically the grammar of the Quran. This allows them to build a deeper bond with the Quran and to better understand its meaning. Once that has been done many scholars and people also recommend to learn Quran with tafseer, since tafseer is the explanation of the Quran. This is one of the best ways to learn about Islam and should be considered by all Muslims.