The Scientific Miracle

“He [i.e., God] is aware of an atom’s weight in the heavens and on the earth and even anything smaller than that...” (Quran 34:3)

Hundreds of years before Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came into this world; there was a known theory about atoms from the Greek philosopher Democritus. According to him and those that came after him all kinds of matter was made up of tiny particles of energy that were known as atoms. After the time of the Greeks, many Arabs also furthered this concept so much so that the Arabic word ‘Dharrah’ was used to denote the smallest particle known to them. Centuries later in the 20th century, scientists discovered that not online the smaller parts of matter are known as atoms, but these atoms can also be split into their own component parts. Though most considered this to be a breakthrough of the science in the previous century, amazingly this information was made clear in the Quran centuries earlier as it is evident with the above mentioned ayah. It can be understood that fourteen centuries ago this statement could have caused some confusion even to Arabs who thought that Dharrah was the smallest particle, and yet with the discovery of protons and neutrons within an atom which are smaller than it obviously proves that the Quran is scientifically adept.

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