The Perfect Religion

Referring to the Arabic language dictionaries one can find out that the meaning of the word Islam is: submission, humbling oneself in front of Allah (SWT), and obeying commands and heeding prohibitions without objection that Allah (SWT) has ordered and most importantly to sincerely worshipAllah (SWT) alone, believing what He tells us and having faith in Him. The word Islam has become the name of the religion which was brought by Muhammad (SAW) after the first revelation of the Quran through the angel Jibreel (AS) over 1400 years ago. After the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Islam began to spread at a rapid rate until it covered the entirety of Arabia and other parts of what is today known as the Middle-East. With the arrival of Islam in other lands where non-Arabs dwelt, people began to take interest in the religion of peace and the world saw large scale conversions from the people who until then had been oppressed and humiliated. Islam gave these people hope and honor and it is a known fact of history that Islam was not spread by force and no one was compelled to change their religion to Islam if they did not want to. Rather, Islam being the perfect religion it is, allowed the people to make their own decisions after they understood what it was. One of the most key elements to the spread of Islam across the world were the hafizeen, the people who memorize the Quran. When new people came into contact with the Quran they did not know how to read it and so it were the hafiz that taught the people how to read the Quran.

Since that time many new methods of teaching the Quran have emerged, the most prominent and widespread coming into existence in the late 20th century, known as online education. Today people can easily learn Quran at home through an online Quran teaching school that offer a number of courses and study options such as tajweed classes online and online Quran memorization classes. There are many perks for those who learn Quran at home such as the level of direct interaction they have with the qualified scholars who teach them in, for example, online Quran memorization classes. Other benefits of learning through an online Quran teaching school include the ability to choose one’s own timings for the classes. The schedule that is often provided by these schools are extremely flexible, so much so that even the most busy people such as those living in the Western world can easily take the time out of their hectic lives and dedicate it towards learning the holy Quran, which is not only a source of guidance for all of humanity but also a great and spiritual way to get rid of anxiety and depression, the primary two ailments found commonly among those with busy lives.