The Importance of Tajweed in Memorizing and Reciting Quran Correctly

Memorization is one of the noblest deeds that a Muslim can accomplish in this world. There are millions of Muslims around the world memorize the book of Allah (SWT) in its entirety and it is no secret that the Quran is the single most memorized book in the world. The practice of memorization dates back centuries. Even before the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it was a part of the culture of the Arabs to memorize texts. The practice of actually writing down things was not common and most probably was never given much credence. Though it seems an odd way to store information today, in the old days a person who could memorize a lot had great respect. Arabs used to memorize ridiculous amounts of seemingly all types of information such as poetry, stories, histories and even genealogies. This is a big contributing factor in the fact that Prophet Muhammad’s entire lineage can be traced back to Prophet Adam (AS). Online Quran memorization or regular Quran memorizations all follow the same rules and techniques. However it must be taken as a fact that the amount and speed at which a person can memorize Quran online or in a mosque or institutes or even in their own home, entirely depends on that person’s own capabilities. There is no sure fire way to record the entire Quran into your mind and it doesn’t matter if you are learning through online Quran memorization or otherwise. One contributing factor that can aid in the task to memorize Quran online or in a mosque is to learn Quran with tajweed. In fact, most scholars and teacher that teach Quran hold the view that it is essential that a person first learn Quran with tajweed, not before memorization but even before starting to read the Quran the first time. Tajweed is the grammar of the Quran in its simplest definition and learning it is essential if a person wishes to recite the Quran the way it is meant to be read.