The Existence of Allah SWT

One of the most important blessings that Allah (SWT) bestowed upon mankind is the inherent ability to learn, recognize, realize and acknowledge His presence. Even the biggest scientists and philosophers in the world who sadly in today’s world have an adamant disregard for religious teachings and concepts cannot truly convince themselves that there is no God. It is true that the more these people discover about the universe, the less they actually know about its workings. Scientists believe that the entire universe and especially man came into existence by chance, a concept which in itself is absurd due to a simple reason that something as complex as a human being cannot have come out of the blue, no rather there has to be a creator that is responsible for making this universe and all that is in it to function. Allah (SWT) has placed His own blessed awareness into every human being and those who wish to know their lord can find all kinds of signs around them to testify to His existence. Islam is the religion of Allah (SWT) and the religion of peace. It was chosen as the best religion for mankind by Allah (SWT) when He sent Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with the message of Islam towards humanity. To understand Islam it is imperative to read the Quran, the holy scripture of the Muslims. For that it is important for all Muslims to learn the Arabic language in which the Quran was revealed. Digital schools where people can read Quran online provide also opportunities to learn Arabic online through Arabic classes online.  Internet Islamic schools where people enroll to read Quran online have basic language courses related to the Arabic language. Since the Quran is meant to be recited with tajweed, most schools where people can learn Arabic online teach what is known as classical Arabic. Non-Muslims can also join these schools for their Arabic classes online to learn modern Arabic through learned teachers.