The Amazing and Surprising Physical Benefits of Wudu

The Namaz or Prayer of the Muslims is one of the core practices of the Islamic Faith and in fact is actually one of the five Pillars of Islam. As a quick reminder, the five pillars of Islam are;

1.    Tauheed – Declaration and belief of the Oneness of Allah (SWT).
2.    Namaz – The Prayers in Islam and the primary means through which Muslims Worship Allah (SWT).
3.    Zakat – The Charity to benefit the poor.
4.    Roza (Fasting) – The Fasting in the Month of Ramadan.
5.    Hajj – The Pilgrimage to Mecca.

As it is clear that Namaz holds a very special and important place in the religion of Islam and Muslims are obligated to pray 5 times a day. There are many spiritual benefits of offering the prayers as it is the direct and most strong means that a Muslim has to get in contact with Allah (SWT) and seek is favor and forgiveness. However let us take a looks at what physical benefits that this blessed gift that Allah (SWT) has granted us through Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Muslim prayer, for those that have noticed is the only form of prayer of any major religion that has the body constantly moving from one position to the next. This is nothing short of a spiritual and physical exercise that leads to surprising health benefits. One of the best ways to keep in shape and healthy is to exercise and move your body, and in Namaz, Allah (SWT) has granted us the means to become both spiritually and physically healthy. The best way to offer the Namaz is the way the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) offered it. It should be offered calmly, slowly, and with great focus to reap its great benefits.

Benefits of Wu’du

However it is important that the benefits of the practice of ablution be made clear. Ablution is the practice of cleaning and purifying the body before standing before Allah (SWT) in prayer. Islam has greatly emphasized the importance of cleanliness and ablution is one of the ways that a person becomes both spiritually and physically clean. Wu’du as it is called in Arabic involves a Muslim to rinse the mouth, cleanse the nose with water, washing the face, washing the arms up to the elbows, performing the Masah, and the washing of both feet up to the ankles. 

Benefits of Ablution (Wu’du)

1. Ablution involves a person washing his or her face, hands, arms and feet. This washing 5 times a day promotes good health by keeping the body free of germs and dust.

2. Ablution is known to release stress and reduce anxiety.

3. By washing the hands five times a day apart from before every meal, keeps the germs away from the hands that may enter the body through something we eat.

4. Gargling during ablution is one of the best ways to remove germs, allergens and dust particles that may lodge themselves in the mouth.

5. Similarly Nose cleansing also removes these dust particles and germs. This also helps in the treatment of rhinitis, reduces nasal dryness and improves breathing.

6. Face washing is very beneficial and refreshing at the same time.

7. Ear cleaning during the ablution helps in the reduction of wax accumulation.

8. Washing the feet is not only removes dirt and other impurities but the passing fingers over the bottom of the toes act as acupressure.

9. As many accu points of the body are around the upper and lower parts of the toes, pressing these during ablution can help in the reviling of back pain, arthritis, joint pains etc.


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