Teaching Children About Islam

Quran learning for children and for adults alike has become incredibly easy in recent times thanks to the advent of online education.  Today through online Quran reading classes a person can easily learn Quran at home.  Online Quran classes for kids at home allow children to now learn all about the holy book of Islam from the comfort of their own rooms and house. Though it is best to have hard copies of the Quran at home and recite them daily, it is also best to first teach the children the importance of the books of Allah (SWT) which will enable them to take better care of Quran hard copies when they get older. Children tend to get careless and sometimes may damage the holy book or not take care of it properly which is why in online Quran reading classes where they can learn Quran at home usually soft copies present within the computer are used. Online Quran classes for kids at home also help special types of children in another big way. There are many children who are either too shy or too afraid to attend classes in regular mosques or institutes or in some cases cannot travel to such places due to lack of resources or some elders to take them or in most common cases live in countries and areas of the world where there are no such Islamic centers or another case where there are no qualified teachers to teach them. Online classes help such children learn all they can from the comfort of a familiar environment which ultimately allows them to relax and learn at a better pace and understanding. Online Quran learning for children does not include them to learn from pre-recorded audio or video tapes, rather a live one on one session with a highly learned and qualified teacher. These teachers in typical Islamic terms are referred to as Qari or its female equivalent Qaria. Online Islamic academies allow a person to choose female or male teachers to help their children learn the Quran. These teachers not only impart invaluable Quran reciting knowledge including teaching the child to recite with tajweed but also offer guidance regarding other aspects of life including Islamic values which helps them become good Muslims as they grow up. It is no doubt that learning tajweed for a child can be quite difficult through texts and notes which is why the physical presence of a good teacher is highly important. These teachers can teach the child exactly how to pronounce a word of the Quran and can also teach them the different laws and rules that regulate the Arabic language so that the child may learn to recite the Quran exactly how Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to recite it.