Teachers and their Responsibility towards Society

The biggest role models that a child has apart from his parents in an early age are his teachers. A teacher is a person that children look up to for he or she are complete strangers who other than the parents act as well-wishers and guiders. With this in regard it is no small fact that teachers, especially those teachers that are teaching young children about Islam have a tremendous responsibility upon their shoulders. If that responsibility is not taken seriously, it can have an everlasting negative effect on the thinking and psyche of a child that can manifest into something very alarming and in some extreme cases also very dangerous later in their lives. One of the critical mistakes that a teacher can make is to enter a classroom unprepared, dodge student’s questions, and make up excuses or false answers when he does not know the answer. This hold true for all kinds of teachers whether they be online Quran teacher and online Quran tutor or regular teachers that are found in educational institutes. The teaching of the Quran is a tremendous responsibility which sadly many teachers that fail to realize. To them they are just teaching a child or an adult but actually they are acting as the primary source for Islamic knowledge to their students and what they say can have positive or negative impacts on them. Online Quran teacher and online Quran tutor in this regard at least are more preferable because these teachers must have significant educational credentials that must meet the criteria for them to be hired to for online Quran teaching. Knowledge of the subject matter is highly important in Islamic teaching whether it be online Quran teaching or otherwise. A teacher must be knowledgeable and prepared to answer all kinds of questions that a student might have regarding a subject.