Tajweed Is A Religious Duty When Reciting The Quran

A man was reciting the Quran to Abdullah Ibn Masud and he recited, InnamasSadaqatu lil-Fuqara-i wal-Masâkeen, Ibn Masud  said, “This is not how the messenger of Allah (SWT) recited it to me!”, so the man inquired, “how did he recite it to you?” so he said, “lil-Fuqarââ-i wal-Masâkeen”, he prolonged the vowel. This event is proof that the study of Tajweed was taught by Muhammad (SAW) to his companions.

Many online Islamic academies provide the opportunity to learn Quran online with Tajweed and have well scheduled and though out Tajweed classes online. Tajweed can be called the elocution of the Quran. First it is imperative go explain what elocution actually means. Elocution means the study of formal speaking in correct and accurate pronunciation, grammar, style and tone. With that in mind it can be pretty obvious what Tajweed means but it does not completely clarify its purpose. Tajweed is a set of rules and regulations that are compulsory to follow in order to correctly pronounce the word of Allah (SWT) and avoid any types of misunderstandings. When people ask what misunderstandings can happen if a person is not adept in Tajweed, the simplest and best answer is that Arabic is a very unique language, so much so that many words that are similar or in some cases, the same word can have an entirely different meaning depending on how it is pronounced or where it is used. Those that take Tajweed classes online are especially advised to pay close attention to the rules. There are many benefits to learn Quran online with Tajweed the main being that the student has direct one on one access and interaction with a learned and qualified scholar that is able to provide instant answers and correct any error that the student makes instantly along with the choice to learn according to the students own schedule and timings.