Tafseer is Not Just a Translation

Every one of the Islamic faith knows that the tafseer is known as the accurate interpretation of the Quran. There have been a number of companions and scholars throughout the centuries after the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who have put their part in the interpretation of the Quran. Tafseer is not a light interpretation of the verses of the Quran; rather it is a complete science that has been perfected over the ages. There is actually a ‘Usool at-Tafseer’ which can be literally be translated into ‘The Fundamental Principals of Quran Interpretation’. This refers to the information and knowledge that are required to provide accurate Quranic interpretations. This branch of information and knowledge provides the necessary methodologies that are required to determine that the tafseer of the Quran are not merely human whims and fancies. Muslims around the world are encouraged to learn and read the tafseer of the Quran so that they can better understand what the message is and what the context was behind the verses revealed. There are many institutes across the world that provide classes under online Quran teacher and tutors to learn Quran online and most also provided classes to learn Quran with tafseer. These online Quran teachers not only help people to learn Quran online but are usually well knowledgeable regarding the interpretation of the Quran and provide teaching to people so they can learn Quran with tafseer instead of just reading the Arabic. One thing that needs to be kept in mind by all the people who are new or aware of what tafseer is, tafseer is not and again not a simple translation of the Quran, rather it can be considered commentary on the Quran that reveals when and why specific verses where revealed and what was the context in which they were revealed in.