Supplication is the Solutions for EVERYTHING

There are people who turn to other people for help and then there are people who turn to Allah (SWT) for help. That is not to say that those who turn to other people are wrong for not directly asking for help from Allah (SWT) because it is the belief of the Muslim that if a person is able to help another person, that help is also through Allah (SWT) who enabled one person to help another. However there are many instance and problems in our daily lives that no human can help us with. It is at that time like always that it is best to make prayer to Allah (SWT). The concept of Dua is highly promoted in the Islamic doctrine and not only in Islam; rather the concept of praying to God is a fundamental part of every religion of the world.  ‘Dua’ means to ask directly something from Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) is the creator of all that is in existence so it is very much common sense that there is absolutely nothing that He cannot do. Many are the times that when a person feels helpless and hopeless in life, solutions and respite come to him or her from the most unimaginable sources.


How to make Dua?
The best way to make dua to Allah (SWT) is when a person prays any of the five prayers or during anytime that he or she are in a state of worship through any means. This is not to say that supplications to Allah (SWT) are only to be made when a person is in a state of worship, rather it is encouraged to constantly ask Allah (SWT) for mercy or solutions to any problems that a person might have. One of the better ways to supplicate is to learn some Duas that are in the Quran and those that have been passed down to us from the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is best to recite the Quran in the best way possible for greater reward. For those that have a hard time grasping the elocutions of the Quran it is best advised for them to learn Quran with tajweed from an online Quran Academy. However it must be kept in mind that it is best that only those that do not have ready access to Islamic institutions should learn Quran with tajweed from and online Quran academy.