Some Tips and Advices for Online Quran Teachers

Get to know them

Whenever you get a new student, try to dedicate the first lesson for the orientation and trial of the person. One must always remember that most people that apply for online teaching classes, never have actually studied online before so they may or may not be familiar with how this form of studies are given. Even if the student has some experience with online teaching before, it does not mean they have had an Online Quran Teaching and learning experience or they may not be familiar with your approach. Therefore it is a very beneficial investment of the first 20-30 minutes of your first lesson in the long run where you can familiarize the student about how the lessons are going to go. This first orientation level is also a good opportunity for you to discuss and layout all the syllabus that you will be covering with the student so that they have a clear understanding of what to expect in the days to come.


This is an important step that needs to be cleared out with the students in the very beginning so that the rest of their lessons can go smoothly. Most successful teachers give out small texts files or handbook (if they meet in person with their students) to their students that cover all the basics and ground rules regarding how the lessons will go. This can also include motivational advises and other regulations. According to one prominent online Quran teacher, Fatima Nafla,

“Before I created a handbook, my students and I would encounter many miscommunication problems. Assumptions were made about how lessons would be conducted, in what circumstances extra lessons would be provided and when they would not be provided, when the monthly fee was due, and so on. Rather than repeating the rules for every new student and enduring growing pains with each one, the handbook became a useful tool to include in the welcome package!”

Some Tips and Advises for Online Quran Teachers

Make use of New Technologies

Online Quran learning and online Quran teaching is a study form of the future. It is good to not only make use of the internet to the spread the word of Allah (SWT) but also use other technologies related to internet to make your work more efficient. Cloud technology is one of the most revolutionary technologies that have come out regarding storing of data in recent memory. There are many reliable and secure services that are being provided today that people can make use of and these include, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, Dropbox to name a few.

There was a time that teachers had to travel and carry a lot of text and books for the convenience of the students. That is a thing of the past now, at least where online learning is concerned. According to Fatima Nafla,

“One of my primary reasons for choosing to work only online is that I travel often. I used to drag books back and forth, which took up a good part of my baggage allowance just for work material. However, I have stopped doing this since I learned to use electronic resources instead of physical books, and I
started to save everything in a neatly organized system online so that I can work even on a borrowed computer or mobile device.

A little bit of pre-planning may be required to ensure that you have a good Internet connection, headphones, and the appropriate software when you use someone else’s computer. However, it still beats the hassle of having to carry your whole office with you to the airport or coffee shop.

I admit that it can be frustrating to work in temporary setups while travelling, so these arrangements only suit me for short-term shifts in routine. Nevertheless, it’s better than skipping work altogether and coming back to students who have forgotten everything they have learned and look at you like the cat that swallowed the canary!”


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