Role of Teachers in Modern Society

A teacher is one of the most influential people in our societies. Regardless of whether the teacher is Muslim or non-Muslim, a teacher has great importance in modern society today and has had it since the old times. One of the key elements that help in the building of a child’s characters, manners and overall personalities are his or her teachers. This is why it is highly important for a teacher to be true to his or her words and exhibit positive and strong moral values and habits so that their students can learn good from them. In short a teacher is a person who can either mould or at least turn a child towards the right path to success through his or her own character and skills or he can provide nothing beneficial to a child’s life.


Online Quran Teacher

In modern times it is evident to see that children tend to spend more time with their teachers than they do with their parents due to their schedules, which when all things considered is not a very good thing because a child should be given maximum attention and time by his or her parents, but regardless this goes on to show how important the role of a teacher is in modern society. With all of the above taken into account it is easy to understand that the role an Islamic teacher has to provide in a society is of crucial importance. A person who is tasked with teaching the Quran to others especially children is the best among the Muslims as the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said, but there is also great responsibility on his or her shoulders for these scholars and teachers are responsible for preparing the next generation of the Muslims. There are many digital schools and academies today that provide online Quran tutor and teachers. These online Quran tutor and teachers teach all kinds of studies including Arabic classes online. Many non-Muslims across the world also use these Islamic schools to attend Arabic classes online to improve their language skills.