Respecting the Quran

The Holy Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and it was revealed to the last messenger, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) 14 centuries ago and to this day has remained in its true form. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was an Arab though he was sent as the messenger towards the entirety of humanity and blessing for the universe. The Quran was revealed in Arabic and it is meant to be recited in Arabic. As it is compulsory for Muslims not only to read the Quran but to implement it and understand it, it has become the need of the hour for non-Arab Muslims to thoroughly learn the Arabic language. Learning Quran for beginners can be very easy if they have some sort of grasp on the Arabic language prior to starting the Quran. Though most Muslim heavy areas have institutes and mosques where they can learn Quran, there are those who live in non-Muslim countries who do not have access to such facilities. Due to a number of problems, they are unable to attend such institutes. For such people the best option is to learn Quran at home. There are many online Islamic institutes where people can gain knowledge of many aspects of the religion of Islam and some online schools even provide courses where a person can learn Quran recitation.

The difference between recitation and simple reading is that, recitation allows the person to take into account all the laws and rules of tajweed, the grammar of the Quran, and read the words of Allah (SWT) in a beautiful and harmonious way. It is recommended that people learn Quran recitation so that they can show proper respect towards the book of Allah (SWT). For people who live busy lives and cannot take the time out of their busy schedule to attend an institutes then their best choice can be to join a flexible online Quran program and learn Quran at home.