Repetition and Daily Recitation is the Secret to Memorize the Quran

Memorization of the Quran is one of the best things that a Muslim can do in his or her life. Not only is it a great honour to know the Book of Allah (SWT) by heart but one must also feel proud that this is deed that was done by the companions of the Prophet since the advent of Islam. The memorization of Quran was thought of as a genuine education at that time and is still considered a higher form of learning about the religion of Islam even today. The Arabs had the tradition of memorizing long texts and information instead of writing them down. This is why there are limited number of literary works of the old Arab world still available today as compared to those found of other nations such as the Greeks and the Egyptians. As time went on more and more people to enter Islam and what was once a practice exclusive and native to the Prophet’s people began to be practised by all races of people. People from different parts of the world not only read the Quran but also began to memorize them and teachers and tutors that were good at teaching them were highly sought after.

In today’s world one does not need to go out of the way or travel all around the world to find a good teacher for Islam. One has to understand that memorization of the Quran also requires a guiding hand in the form of a tutor which is why people all across the world and especially in western nations tend to lean towards acquiring Quran online classes. These Quran online classes are not only used by people today to learn or memorize Quran online but are also used to learn Arabic. Arabic as we all know is the language in which the Quran was revealed in to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) back then and it is an obligation upon every Muslims to at least learn enough Arabic with tajweed if possible that may be sufficient to recite the Quran in a better manner. Recitation of the Quran is essential when it comes to memorize Quran online or otherwise and Quran online classes provide that exact opportunity to the learners. There can come up a lot of complications when one decides to study or learn the Quran such as not finding the time or the right teacher which can cause significant harm to a person’s motivation. Even in Muslim countries people cannot sometimes find the right way or teacher to learn the Quran, which is exactly why they turn to memorize Quran online through Quran online classes. No matter what method you choose to learn or memorize the Quran from, the core principle is always the same, as mentioned above; constant repetition and daily recitation are the keys to committing the Quran to memory.


Aws b. Hudhayfa, may Allah be well pleased with him, who said: ‘We came to the Messenger of Allah (SAW), as part of the delegation of Thaqif.’  He said: ‘The Messenger of Allah, (SAW), would come to us every night after ‘isha and speak to us.’  He said: ‘One night he was late from (coming to see us at) the time he would come to us.’  We said: ‘O Messenger of Allah (SAW), you have come to us late tonight.’  He said: ‘I had my portion of the Quran to read and I did not want to come until I had finished it.’

Aws said: ‘I asked the companions of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) about how he divided up his reading of the Quran.’  They said: ‘Three, five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen and the Mufassal.
(Ahmad and Abu Dawud)