Rekindle Your Relationship with Allah SWT

If you are a person who has just left behind a thing that at the time you thought was the best turn of events for you but only now realizing that it wasn’t all that great, then you came to the right place. Of course we are talking about a haram relationship with another person. We are pretty sure that you knew somewhere in your heart of hearts that what you were doing was not only right, but this act was pushing you away from Allah (SWT) further. We understand that moving on from a relationship can be difficult for today’s young ones especially, but worry not by the grace of Allah (SWT) we are here to help. Though most of the cases are all similar in nature, a person became infatuated with another person but had to let it go for any given reason and in turn became depressed and angry, then there are extreme cases in which we have known people who actually left Islam for another person. May Allah protect us all.

We all know that the devil spends his every living moment on this world to lead people astray by making beloved the things that are forbidden. You might have had the feeling of great love and lust whenever you have come across a message or call from that special person or seen them in person, but let us just say that it is all a play from the devil and you should know that you are better and stronger than that. The best advise we have for you is to forget it, move on and start your journey to pleasing Allah (SWT) rather than any human, for it is only from Allah (SWT) that you will forever find love and peace.

Here are some to the point advises to turn away from haram relationships. Know that these are very to the point and involve no lingering or second thoughts, which is the best way to go about this process as a matter of fact.

Rekindle Your Relationship with Allah (SWT)

1. The End – That’s it!

Do not and we repeat do not second guess yourself. Do what is right and just go on and end it. It might be painful in the start but it will eventually pass and trust us, it will be way better than taking it slow. If you think that by taking things slow and steady will eventually lead to ending the relationship, then you are wrong. It is best to just cut it off and then from there start building yourself back up.

2. Lingering is BAD with a Capital B!

Do not linger and seriously don’t give each other false hopes such as down the line kind of consolations. In short this will make you both very miserable and lead to depression and the inability to move on with life.

3. Remove what reminds you of that Person

In the old days a girl and boy would usually share a physical object such a piece of jewelry to remind them of each other. If the relationship ended, all they needed to do was get rid of that thing that reminded them of that person and moved on from there. In this age of the internet and social media, the basic theory is still the same but the things shared have become rather too many and ridiculous. For that purpose we suggest to get rid of all the texts, and messages that you many have on the phone, computer or on social media sites. Also get rid of things that remind you of themand avoid meeting or discussing about them as much as possible.

4. End it Face to Face

This is a rather hard step but it is essential. If you happen to have a last meeting, tell the other person there and then that it is over and that you are moving on. This can be also done over emails or phone calls. Rather than providing weak reasons for you to end the relationship that the other person can rectify, give the biggest and solid reason, tell them you are ending it for the sake of Allah (SWT) and that you wish that Allah (SWT) will provide them happiness and patience. Once you have ended it face to face, and for real, it is time to control your own emotions about the whole ordeal.

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