Recite The Verses Of The Quran And Memorize Them

The holy Quran is the sacred scripture of the Muslims and it was revealed to prophet Muhammad (SAW) through the angel Jibreel (AS) by Allah (SWT). The Quran was not revealed in a single time rather it was released over the course of twenty three years in the Arabic language. The word ‘Quran’ though not many people know it, literally means ‘recitation’ or ‘reading’. The Quran and the hadith which are the sayings of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) which are also recorded separately are distinct from one another. Upon the receiving of the Quran, prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to convey the messages which were the verses exactly like he had heard them to his companions. One of the things that make Quran easy to memorize even through online Quran memorization classes is its eloquent expression. There are many schools across the world that are digital in nature and offer opportunity to memorize Quran online through online Quran memorization classes.

Moreover it is known that ancient Arabs used to memorize great length of knowledge instead of preserving them in writing form and this was seen as a point of pride in that society. An Arab in the old days would take great honour in learning and memorizing and the oration of lengthy pieces of literature. With the advent of Islam and the revealing of the Quran, the Arabs keeping in tradition used to hear the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) recite the verses of the Quran and used to memorize them. Eventually as Islam spread across the world, more and more people wished to preserve the word of Allah (SWT) and began to memorize the Quran. Today a person can enroll into Online Quran Memorization classes with the added benefits of having direct access to qualified online Quran tutor and teachers and the ability to memorize Quran online according to their own schedules.