Raising Children to be a good Muslim

No matter what religion a person follows or what beliefs he or she holds, there is one thing that all humanity agrees on which is that children are a blessing. However another thing that most people around the world can agree easily on regardless of the cultures or societies is that raising children can be quite a challenge. Though not particularly impossible, the challenge is definitely there. One of the most important aspects of any parent regarding the upbringing of their children is for theirs kids to have good characters and morals and be productive and healthy parts of society when they grow up. It is no doubt that children are influenced by the surroundings that they live in. If a child finds him or herself living in materialistic surroundings where he or she can get anything they want, it is more likely that they will grow up spoiled. If a child comes from a broken home where he or she have witnessed neglect and abuse, than it is more likely that they will follow a destructive path in life. Speaking strictly in the context of a Muslims household, it is not rocket science to understand that in today’s world it is nearly impossible to expose children to an ideal Islamic environment because of the media, people, friends and other aspects. With most of the media and entertainment focused on vulgar ideals, it is up to the parents to keep a good eye on their children’s upbringing. Internet is just a tool, how it is used depends on the person. People can use it for nefarious purposes or good deeds. There are many schools that host online Quran classes today where children and adults can learn Quran online.

Establish a Healthy Example

It is nearly impossible in today’s world to protect children from all the negativity that can corrupt their minds and ultimately their behaviours. However there is one way that child can be saved from such forces and that is to provide him or her with a good example on how to lead a life and no one is more capable of doing this than the parents. Many people today consider Islam as nothing more than spending sometime in worship and then going about their daily lives. That is not right as there is much more to it than that. Parents can have their children taught the Quran through online Quran classes or have them learn Quran online from home which is a good thing, but they cannot expect these schools to teach their children to become good people, this they have to do themselves.
Here are some ways that parents can provide a good Islamic environment to their children:

Only Allah (SWT)

The best and most important thing that any Muslim parent can teach their child is to worship Allah (SWT) and only Allah (SWT) alone. From the day that they can understand about the world and their surroundings, it is best to implant this message in their psyche from the beginning.



Kindness begets kindness is what the world says and it is quite true. If parents are kind to their children and teach them good values, their children would in turn be kind to others. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the best example where children were concerned.

Muslim Heroes

Instead of having your children fan over non-existing and fictitious characters from cartoons, movies and books, teach your children about the great people of Islam. Most importantly, let them mingle and be around family.


Consult your children in matters of the family. This will make them feel important and make them responsible in the future.

Praise not Humiliate

Praise is one of the most important things that a parent can give to their children, especially in front of others. Children feel pride when their parents are proud of them. Similarly never humiliate children in front of others nor in private.