Quran reading with tajweed rules is the essential step towards reciting the Quran properly

The first and most important thing to know about the Quran before learning it is to know what you are about to read is not the product on human imagination or the brilliance of the human mind, rather, it is the word of Allah (SWT) Himself, the master of all there is and there is none other like Him nor anyone else worthy of worship than Allah (SWT). For those that strive to learn the Quran, be proud and happy of the fact that you are some of the most fortunate people on this planet for you are not only embarking on a spiritual journey to read what Allah (SWT) Himself has sent to mankind, but to understand the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord of all the Universe. Seeing how important the Book of Allah (SWT) really is, it is the best practice to recite, read and understand the Quran in the best way as it is possible by everyone. In order to accomplish this, one needs not worry as Islam has already provided a way for them. The way to reciting the Quran in the best manner possible is by learning tajweed and doing Quran reading with tajweed rules.

Quran reading with Tajweed rules

Arabic is the Language of the Quran

The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Arabic for he was also an Arab. It is a great honour for the people of Arabia that it was their language in which Allah (SWT) decided to record His last revelation to mankind in all His mercy. Since it is revealed in Arabic, it is highly important to all Muslims to pronounce the words and alphabets of Arabic as best they can to their ability. Quran reading with tajweed rules is only possible when a person knows a bit about Arabic. People today tend to learn Arabic online or in schools because following all the turmoil in the Middle-East in recent years, people have become interested in learning about this culture and corporations alike have begun to train their staff to learn Arabic for various reasons. Journalists are often seen learning Arabic online to cover news out of the Middle-East and those journalists and people who actually have to go on the grounds in those places, especially make use of services that provides courses to learn Arabic online since they do not have the time to attend workshops or institutes.

Coming back to the case of Quran reading with tajweed rules, Arabic is the first and most important step for people to take. Here one has to understand an important point, tajweed is natural to the Arabs, but for non-Arab Muslims it is usually seen that they learn sufficient Arabic that allows them to merely recite the Quran by having awareness to the alphabets and the sounds of Arabic language.  Simply having a small understanding of how the alphabets of Arabic sound and how they are read together is not considered Quran reading with tajweed rules; rather it is simple Quran recitation. Tajweed is a deeper grammatical science that follows a number of rules and laws that govern how certain words are read, where and how the sounds should be emitted from the mouth and so forth. For those that wish to recite the Quran in the same manner as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions did, it is vital to learn in depth tajweed.