Preservation of the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the glorious last revelation from Allah (SWT) towards mankind. It is generally called the book of the Muslims but it is no unknown fact that the Quran is for the entire mankind. The Quran was revealed in Arabic to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) fourteen centuries ago over the course of nearly twenty three years in the form of brief verses and sometimes in the form of longer chapters. The literally meaning of the Quran can be termed in English as “reading” or “recitation” and this book is different from the recorded sayings and practices of the Prophet (SAW) which are preserved accordingly in other forms of literature called the Ahadeeth which stands for “narration” in English. When the Quran began to be revealed, the Prophet (SAW) started to convey the message of Allah (SWT) to his companions through reciting the Quran exactly as the Angel had recited to him. The Quran has a very rhythmic and eloquent style that allows it to be easily memorized. The Arab society of that time prided itself on the memorization and oral remembrance of lengthy pieces of texts and poetries. This is why large portions of the revealed Quran were memorized by many people during the time of the Prophet (SAW).Prophet Muhammad (SAW) encouraged his companions and followers to learn each verse of the Quran and to teach it to others who did not know it. Other than that the Quran was and is still required to be recited regularly during praying and other acts of worship to Allah (SWT).

Due to this constant recitation of the Quran on a daily basis, many people who heard it began to memorize it and use it in their prayers. It is said that the entire Quran was memorized verbatim which means word for word by some of the companions of the last messenger. Today a person does not need to go through difficulty to memorize the Quran. Online Quran classes allow people to learn Quran online and the schools that provide these digital classes often provide also Quran memorization course and classes as part of their curriculum. The people who teach online Quran classes and especially those who teach Quran memorization course not only help students to memorize the Quran, but also the correct pronunciations of each individual word. Online Quran classes are very similar to regular classes that are attended in a masjid or institute but have significant advantages such as having a one on one interactive learning session with a learned scholar.