Praise your Wife

In His infinite grace and mercy Allah (SWT) has made Islam easy and perfect for us. Allah (SWT) provides us with so much that even if we have 100 lifetimes worth of time, we could never appreciate or thank Him enough for his blessings. One of the biggest blessings of Allah (SWT) and indeed one of the greatest treasures of this world and the next that He has provided us in this life is the companionship of a spouse. From those who are not married as of yet, make dua that Allah (SWT) provides you with a good and caring spouse. Islam has emphasized greatly on the rights that husbands and wives have over each other. If a person follows the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the case of how to treat your spouse then Allah (SWT) will bloom love and companionship between them, insha Allah.

Regardless of what the media of the world portrays of Islam today, those that seek out the truth know that Islam is the only religion that has provided significant and God given rights to all humans, and have given great importance to the rights of women. Men especially need to fear Allah (SWT) where women are concerned and need to give them honor and respect and the women need to do the same with men. First let’s take a look at some hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) regarding women.

Praise your Wife


On the occasion of Hajjatul-Wida (The Farewell Hajj) Prophet Muhammad (SAW) among other advices said with regard to women; "0 People! fear Allah with regard to your wives. You have taken them into your possession with the permission of Allah."

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "Amongst the most perfect of mumins in Imaan is he who is best Character and amongst the best of them is he who kindest towards his wife."

Be kind and praising of your Wives

Praise, one of the best things that can lift even the saddest of hearts up and put a smile on the face of the even the most depressed. Learn to praise your wives whenever, wherever and however you can. Learn to ignore small mistakes with a smile. Be kind to them, especially if you have to advise them something or stop them from doing something you don’t like. You know you love your wife but you have to say it again and again and show your appreciation to them.


Praise her Cooking

A small example on how you can be kind to your wife is to praise her cooking. Say the food is Masha’Allah really good, even if the salt is a bit excessive or it doesn’t taste too good. Do this once and you will be surprised how happy this can make her. This is because she has spent so much time bringing it in front of you and if you start worrying about it not smelling good, or not liking it or demeaning her for it, it will only break her heart. She may get sad and say that she will do better, she may get angry and say she is never making that particular food again or if she is especially witty she may have a quirky reply saying she will call you next time she has to put the salt in.

Praise her Dress code

There are women that like to dress inappropriately and sometimes their husbands want to tell them something about those particular clothes. There are a two ways to handle this, either with anger or calmness.  If you want her response from the heart, tell her she looks better in the other dress. This will tell her that your praise that is with the other dress is not present with her current one. And you know what, go beyond the limits of praise because she is your wife and you can say anything you want to her in terms of goodness. Praise the effort that your wife puts in her work and life and Insha’Allah there will be blessings of happiness in your household.

As a final comment to the men we have to say; your wives are human beings to and they do a lot around the house every day. For those with children appreciate the fact that they are raising your kids. You going to work 8 hours a day does not give you the right to belittle them or treat them in a bad way. Fear Allah (SWT) in their matter and follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who was the best to his wives.
Same goes for women, appreciate your husbands and make life easier for them as much as you can.