People of Pursuits

People wonder what is the pursuit of happiness in Islam?  Quran talks about being Content, being at peace that is the ultimate goal describe in the Quran for human beings.


One thing that people need to realize is that Happiness is the lowest pursuit that any person has in this world. As an example, a child who does not want to have to get up early in the morning on a Saturday and can sleep in is Happy when he wakes up, another kid plays video games all night and finally reaches a goal he was striving for which makes him Happy. There are thousands of other examples that we can portray here but the bottom line is, it doesn’t take much for people to be happy. There are things in lie in which getting happiness is difficult, for example getting your parents happy with yourself is hard for you have to work hard for it. Making your wife happy is even harder and you really have to work at it to reach that. The fact of the matter is general happy is easy but it comes and goes.

For people a good advice to remember is that Allah (SWT) has made humans being capable of many types of emotions. Happiness is only one of them and if a person wishes only to be happy in the world, then let us tell you right now that that person is in for a lot of disappointment.


These second pursuit for people believe it or not is being, for the lack of a better word, cool, the desire for people to be able to blend in with every type of people and avoid any type of criticism that people might have about you. This is most evident in the youth of the world today who think ten times before choosing a shirt and shoes to wear to school and it is a fact that somewhere in the back of their minds is the thought of who will make fun of me for wearing this? In the pursuit of this particular state, it is often seen that people go as far as to pretend to be something that they are not, which is sad.

People of Pursuits


Once the pursuit of coolness has been achieved, the next pursuit starts for the person is popularity. Now it is not enough for the person to be cool, but to be the coolest of all people and be the person that everybody else wants to be like.


This means that you want to associate with something that is very popular; for example, you tell people you went to Harvard but fail to mention that you went there for only a weekend to pick up a friend. In fact, even if you are a freshman at Harvard and have not accomplished anything in the world as of yet, you still want the Prestige of the Harvard to be stuck with your name. People in the Muslim world like to make their children memorize the Quran just so that they can brag about their children being Hafiz which is a harsh but true reality because it not only has happened before, but still happens to this day.


There are some people in this world that do not care about the above mentioned four pursuits, because all they care about is the Pursuit of Money. These are the people that you will see in dirty shirts and torn jeans driving the oldest models of cars possible, but when you get to know them you realize they have made a lot of money and their life revolves around making money and nothing else.


These are the people that want to be number 1 in everything they do in life. These are the people that are never happy with themselves and keep pushing them to be on top. These people are never satisfied with themselves because they keep comparing themselves to themselves from yesterday. Though other people may think of them as amazing people, they don’t care and always think that they can do better.


These are the people that want to leave a legacy in the world regardless of what they have accomplished in this life. They want to have an impact on the world which is why they seldom care too much about money and dedicated their time and carriers in helping causes that they deem are worthy and may have positive impacts on the lives of others. In Islamic view this is the kind of life a person should live.


Allah (SWT) wants nothing from people than pursuit and their effort.

This article is written from the information provided in a lecture by Ustad Nouman Ali Khan.
This is not a transcript of the lecture. For the lecture please visit the link below:


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