Online Tajweed classes is a Blessing

The Quran is the holy book of the Muslims and it is without doubt that it was revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the Almighty Allah (SWT) over 1400 hundred years ago. The Quran is the last of the sacred scriptures that was sent to the last messenger bearing Allah (SWT) message towards humanity. The Quran has been revealed in Arabic and it is meant to be read in Arabic. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was an Arab but unlike the rest of the messengers, he was not only sent to guide one nation the Arab but is the prophet to all the nations. As Islam became dominant in Arabia it began to spread out over the world. To the Arabs the Quran was in their own language which is why they never saw the need to establish the rules on pronunciation. But as non-Arab people began converting to Islam, it became necessary to establish rules that enabled the people to correctly recite the Quran. Thus the concept of Tajweed came into existence.

A person in today’s world can no longer be agitated with the lack of qualified teachers of Quran and Arabic in their areas for now they can join any Quran tuition online and enroll into any of the tajweed courses online accessible, that these virtual institutes provide. Tajweed is highly important for the Arabic language is very unique and has many complexities in its grammar and linguistic nature. The mere pronunciation of a word can have an entirely different meaning. This is why whenever a person starts to learn the Quran he or she are encouraged to first learn the Arabic language in detail so that they may have a good grasp on it and have better understanding of the word of Allah (SWT) and show the respect the Quran it deserves.