One of the best methods to learn the Quran is by attending online Quran classes

The Quran is the book of the Muslims and it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by Allah (SWT) over 14 centuries ago. One of the greatest pleasures and honors that a Muslims can feel is to be able to read and recite the Quran in the same way that the Prophet (SAW) and his companions used to do. It has to be understood that the Quran has a set of linguistics rules that must be followed closely in order to correctly read it and understand its meaning. This set of rules are known as tajweed and without going into great detail on what tajweed actually is, briefly it can be described as the grammar or eloquence of the Quran. People across the world have different dialects and different parent languages. When they recite the Quran and do not know the laws of tajweed, usually they recite it according to the sounds of their own languages. This is not the right way to read the Quran which is why all scholars recommend people and especially Muslims to learn Quran with tajweed. There are many schools that provide internet learning classes that cover many studies such as tajweed courses online. In this new age there are many people that are benefiting greatly from attending online classes in contrast to attending an institute.


Benefits of Online Quran Reading Classes:

Whether a person wishes to learn Quran with tajweed or start a course on memorizing the Quran, online Quran reading classes cover all Islamic studies.

1.    No Traveling: When a person enrolls into an online course whether it be religious or academic, the need for traveling to an institute or to certain locations in order to attend the classes immediately becomes obsolete.  Tajweed courses online for example can be learned from the comfort of one’s home. This makes the study much more relaxing and yields better results.

2.    Qualified Teachers: Most of the people that take online classes to learn the Quran are based in non-Muslim countries which makes sense since these countries have few Islamic institutes and it is quite hard to find a qualified teacher. Most of the teachers that work as online Quran tutors are based in Muslim countries and are well versed in Islamic knowledge. These teachers are thoroughly evaluated before they are hired to perform their duties as online Quran teachers.

3.    Affordable: One of the most important advantages of attending online classes is due to them being of significant low cost as compared to attending regular institutes. Since the teachers that teach the Quran are usually based in developing countries such as Pakistan or in countries that have a lower economy compared to the ones the students are based in, it automatically makes them a viable option. Combine the fact that a qualified instructor can be hired for quite a low cost, translates into a win situation for the students.

4.    Flexible: The classes can be determined by the students according to their own timings and schedules. One thing to understand is that, it is not only children that learn Quran through online classes. In fact it has been seen that more adults compared to children make use of this service. By having a flexible and easy to follow class schedule, people can continue on with their jobs and other responsibilities in peace while they learn the word of Allah (SWT).