Not All Children Learn The Same Way

Many adults especially in Western nations have turned to online Quran learning where they can not only learn Quran with tajweed online but also enroll into online Quran memorization classes if they so choose. It is always advised to parents that Quran reading and understanding for a child be begun at a younger age. However memorization is an entirely different thing when it comes to children. Children are not alike meaning that some children are smarter than others, some children are more perspective than others and some children are more understanding than others. Memorization of the Quran is an enormous yet highly respectable and pious task whether it is done through a regular institute or masjid or online Quran memorization classes. For attaining a proper understanding and the skills for memorization of the Quran, tajweed is the most important tool. Again it does not matter if tajweed is learned from a physical teacher and institute or a person opts to learn Quran with tajweed online. As far as children are concerned, tajweed is not a very easy concept to get a grasp on but through proper training and teaching, it can be extremely easy, but again when taking children into account it should be taken into consideration if the child’s mind is adept enough to understand and learn tajweed. If a child shows excellence in understanding things at an early age than by all means parents should not wait to teach him or her Quran and if the child also shows signs of good memory than it is best to let him or start to memorize the Quran early on in their lives. For children who are shy or do not show signs of rapid understanding and memorization, it is best that the parents take it slow and teach Quran to them either themselves, from a trusted institute or through online Quran learning academies so that a good base can be built for their future understanding of the religion of Islam.