Muslim Parents and their Responsibility to the Quran

It is the parents that are responsible for the grooming of a child at an early age which is why their attention to them is a vital and important duty in Islam. There are a number of questions that arise in the mind of Muslim parents when their child reach the age when they are able to learn and understand what is going around them. For most people sadly, these worries go no further than what school they should send their child or what others are doing for their child that they can do better for them. For the Muslim parents that care about what kind of a person their child will become when he or she grow up, they make it in active worry of theirs to ensure that their children get good and timely exposure to the Quran and Islam. These parents also have many questions regarding this responsibility such as;

1.    How will they teach their child the Quran?
2.    What would be a good age for their child to start learning the Quran?
3.    What method will be best for teaching their child the Quran?
4.    Which mosque will the child attend?
5.    Will a tutor come to teach the Quran?
6.    Will the child attend a mosque or institute to learn the Quran?
7.    Can the child be taught through online Quran Reading?
8.    Will the child learn Quran with tajweed?
9.    What memorization and tajweed courses online or otherwise are most suitable for a young child?
10.    How will they make the child become accustomed to learning and acting on the Quran?


Why Online Schools?

These are only a few of the questions that might come to mind of a parent who wishes for their child to learn about the religion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Perhaps one of the main concerns is the age of the child. In truth there is no determined age when it is said to start teaching children the Quran. Rather it is up to the parent to determine that themselves because not all children are alike, meaning some are more brilliant than others and start understanding at a young age while others are rather slow at it. In the past and up until before the widespread of the internet, parents used to send their children to mosques to learn the Quran but today, many consider online Quran reading where a child can even learn Quran with tajweed through tajweed courses online to be the much more preferred method. There are number of reasons for parents to admit their children in an online Quran School, a few of them being;

1.    The child finds learning in a familiar environment much more comfortable and less intimidating.
2.    One on one interaction with a learned scholar.
3.    Learning according to the pace and skills of the child.
4.    No peer pressure.
5.    Better understanding.
6.    No travel anxiety and problems.
7.    Instant answers to questions.
8.    Friendly teacher.
9.    An online teacher is usually well versed in Islamic history and can provide fun and interesting context regarding the verses of the Quran from its tafseer for better understanding.
10.    The teacher is almost always kind and friendly and by providing his or her undivided attention, can act as a good role model for the child.
11.    Both Male and Female teachers are available.