More Amazing Facts about the Kaaba

The Kaaba is the central most important piece of architecture in the religion of Islam. It was constructed by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Prophet Ismail (AS) many centuries ago and was the first place dedicated to the worship of Allah (SWT) on this earth. Over the ages, the Kaaba has gone over numerous re-constructions and renovations. These occurred due to both man-made and natural disasters. This is one of the most ancient buildings in the world today and though it has been remade several times the place it was first created, remains the same. One of the biggest renovations of the Kaaba took place in the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself. That renovation holds a very important notion regarding the great knowledge and wisdom of the Prophet. During that time, all the tribes of Mecca took part in the construction of the Kaaba, but when it came the time to set the Black Stone into its place, arguments over which tribe would have the honor of doing so erupted. It was Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who quickly in his great wisdom came up with the idea of lifting the Stone with a cloth that all the tribe leaders could carry which avoided major bloodshed.

Amazing Facts about the Kaaba

There are some little known facts about the Kaaba however that many people do not know, such as it being constructed several times, it having two doors and window and the amazing fact that the keys of the Kaaba have remained under the guardianship and possession of one particular family knows as Bani Shaiba. Here are some more facts about the Kaaba that not many people know.

Anyone could enter it

The Kaaba was opened twice in a week for anyone to pray in it. Only in recent history, due to the overwhelming number of Muslims that make the pilgrimage and some other factors, the Kaaba is now opened only two times a year and only for the dignitaries and exclusive guests.

There used to be a Flooding Problem

What most people sadly don’t know is that the Mecca is located in a valley. One of the problems that often occurred due to the Kaaba being located at the bottom of the valley was, whenever it rained the water flooded that valley. Before the days of proper flood regulation and sewage systems in Arabia and Mecca, the Kaaba would be half submerged in water whenever it rained in Mecca. This never in history damped the spirits of the Muslims performing the Tawaf because; they just started swimming around it.

There are Plaques inside the Kaaba

We are certain that there is not a Muslim under the sun that has not now and then thought about what is inside the Kaaba. Thanks to one person who actually went into the Kaaba and took footage with his cellphone the world was able to get a glimpse at the interior. The inside of the Kaaba is now furnished with marble and green cloth that covers the upper walls. Fixed on the walls are plaques that commemorate the names of those rulers that had the Kaaba renovated or repaired.  Here is a link to witness the only place on earth where you can pray in any direction.


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