Modern Methods Same Blessings

As the world has moved into a more digital age since the dawn of the 21st century, many aspects of life have also evolved, one of them being education techniques. With the wide scale implementation of the internet, online education has become widespread and significantly popular enough that many universities and colleges that have been operating for hundreds of years now have broken their old shackles and traditions and started offering online courses for those who are interested. Similarly many Islamic schools and institutes have made use of this new method of technology and started online academies where people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike from all over the world can learn how to recite Quran online and enroll into courses such as online Quran qaida classes and online Quran Tafseer classes. It is generally prescribed to people who wish to learn the Quran and to those parents who wish to have their children memorize the Quran to start at an early age. Online Quran qaida classes are one of the most enrolled into courses for any type of online Islamic school especially those operating in western nations because it has been factually observed Islam is growing at a rapid rate throughout the western world. These classes teach the absolute basics of reading the Quran including how to pronounce the letters, the grammatical rule which is basically tajweed and also the method regarding how particular words and letters be pronounced. Many people around the world learn how to recite Quran online and many people also enroll into online Quran tafseer classes. Tafseer is the best way to understand the Quran because not only does it provide translations of the Arabic ayahs, but also gives context in great detail as to why, where and when the verses of the Quran were revealed during Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s lifetime.