Make a Positive Change in Life

There is a very famous saying, ‘make something big and it becomes a big deal, make something small and it becomes a small thing.’ Very true where everyday life is concerned. One of the teachings of Islam is to make Akhira (the afterlife) big and Duniya (worldly life) small. It is no secret that we are going to go through life, have careers jobs, get married have children, education, accomplishments and of course challenges. The thing we have to realize is that all of these worldly things are only temporary. Though it may seem quite unbelievable to us right now, but know that a day will come that there will be a congregation, people will pray our funeral prayer and then it’s all over, we are gone.

It is also quite wise to understand that this is going to happen sooner to us than later, because most of us have already spent quite a portion of our lives already, and we are not getting any younger rather, we are fast approaching the appointed hour of our departure from this world to the next. The sooner that we internalize the fact that what Allah (SWT) has is better for us because we are going towards it anyway, the bigger the favor we can do for ourselves. We all need to learn to utilize our time the right way which is one of the most important things to do in this life. It is amazing to see people making future plans spanning decades but never once think of their Akhira. We cannot make a ten year plan for an Akhira, it doesn’t work that way. We have to plan for the afterlife daily. It’s not about long term goals when it comes to Akhira, it’s about what did you do today and what are you going to do next.

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Make a Positive Change in Life

• How are you going to spend tomorrow?
• How are you going to wake up?
• What are you going to do with your free time?
• When are you going to stop wasting your time entertaining yourselves through movies and video games or other time consuming waste of times?
• When are you going to hold yourself to a higher standard if not TODAY?

We have to bring change to our day, right now. How we sleep, wake up, what we say what we do and most importantly what we do with our free time.

Free Time is not Free

What we need to understand is, even though we are not paying for free time here in this world, we will be paying for it to Allah (SWT) in the afterlife. All of our time including all of our free time is on record. have you ever noticed people becoming relaxed when they are off the clock from their work or education, well has Muslims we are never off the clock because there are constantly two angels at our sides recording our deeds. We have to plan for the Akhira every day.

We should make serious commitments not to anyone else, but to ourselves because a person is his or her own best critic. We have to decide what changes we have to make in our life so that we can lead a spiritually and physically healthy and happy life in this world and find success in the next. We have to take those steps to become better people and stop wasting time because the moment a person begins to say that they have it all set and they don’t need to make life changes, they have really become blinded by their own delusions.

This is not to say that there are not people who lead good lives both spiritually and physically. This is just to give a reminder to people that we should always strive to do better and spend our time wisely and not be afraid to make change in life especially if it’s for the better. Don’t put it off until tomorrow that tomorrow never comes, turn to Allah (SWT) and make a positive change today.

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