Learning of the Quran begins with the Qaida

Every great thing has a beginning. That one point in life where it started and turned into a beautiful thing as it grew. Most things that become great eventually usually have humble beginnings. Learning the Quran, understanding its meanings and being able to expertly recite it is one of the greatest joys that can come to a Muslim man or woman, young or old, Arab or Non-Arab. Quran is a holy book, and though it is not like any other book known to man, its learning method is quite similar to anything that a person begins to learn which is to start and the absolute basic. Just like when learning English the alphabets are the first thing that are taught covering their sounds, and how when combined they make up words from where the study slowly moves into more complex grammatical rules and then to full scale fluent speaking, similarly the learning of the Quran begins with the Qaida. The Qaida is the basic book to learn Arabic specifically for the learning of the Quran.

There are many schools across the world even online ones that start the teaching of Arabic for the reciting of the Quran from the basic Qaida and today people can also join an online Qaida course to learn the sacred book before venturing to learn complex studies like Quran Tafseer course online. Tafseer can be termed as the explanation of the Quran in order to better understand the word of Allah (SWT). A person can join any online Islamic school or academy and enrol into a Quran Tafseer course online to learn the most in depth meanings and teachings of the Quran in order to have better understanding of the holy book. Online Qaida course takes students from the most basic levels to the stage where the understanding of basic Arabic becomes clear to them.