Learning Islam Online Helps Confidence of Converts

Islam has become quite popular in the world where more and more people are converting and still more are interested in learning about even regardless of how the media portrays it in the negative light. As experts have agreed upon, the more media covers Islam with no matter how much distorted facts about it, people become more curious and since this is the religion of Allah (SWT), when these people research about Islam, by the grace of the Almighty, their hearts are turned towards it. Conversion is an enlightening experience and can also sometimes be overwhelming in the fact that new converts usually fear or are shy to attend mosques or Islamic centers for they can be daunting to them, they can also become overwhelmed and scared to attend classes to learn the Arabic language which they are usually alien to before converting to Islam but becomes fundamental for them to learn once they become Muslims for the Quran is in the Arabic language and it must be read in the language it was revealed in to understand its meanings completely. For such people who convert and want to learn the book of Allah (SWT), Muslims around the world have established virtual institutes where they can learn Quran at home and also learn spoken Arabic online.

For such people there are many perks and pros to learn Quran at home and to learn spoken Arabic online with the most significant being that the agitation of attending a classroom while being complete alien to the fundamentals of Islam. It must be noted that attending a classroom is not something that is bad, in fact it is the best way to overcome ones fears about Islam by interacting with other converts and Muslims of different backgrounds and ethnicity. For those who are shy and scared, an online Quran school is the best choice to get acquainted with the basics or higher teachings of Islam until they are ready to attend Muslims public gatherings where they can no longer feel left out or afraid.