Learn Quran And Teach It

Learning and teaching Quran are among the best deeds that can be accomplished by a Muslim. The holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it” (Al-Bukhari 5027). Teaching the Quran to others after learning it is a great virtue. As far as the hafiz, the person who memorizes the Quran in its entirety is concerned, there is great reward for him or her if their intentions are pure that is if they have memorized the Quran only for the sake of Allah (SWT) and Allah (SWT) alone. The people around the world have gotten incredibly familiar with Islam and though it is always portrayed in a very negative light in media around the world, there are those people who being overcome with genuine interest about this religion approach its doctrine and it has been seen time and time again that these people end up converting to Islam. The religion of Islam in itself is perfect and devoid of any evil or misunderstandings, however there are aspects of the religion just like everything in the world that if they are exploited in a bad sense, they can cause severe misunderstandings. A person my show interest in Islam but might come across a doctrine that does not make sense to him or her. If that is aspect is not explained to that person properly, it can at worst case scenario drive him or her away from the religion of Allah (SWT). In most western countries it is very difficult to find good scholars to learn about Islam. This is why institutes such as an online Quran teaching school that provides online Quran reading classes and where people can actually learn Quran online have become immensely popular.

An online Quran teaching school works exactly like a regular school with the only difference being that the classes are attended from the students home and the learning student is the only pupil in the class, unless he or she are learning about the religion of Islam along with someone else such as a spouse or siblings or even their own children. There are many advantages of online Quran reading classes such as having a direct contact with the teacher and the ability to choose class timings according to preferred schedules. Many scholars in the world encourage people who live in obscure parts of the world that are deprived of religious sentiments, to learn Quran online by joining a good online Islamic academy or school. These schools provided a number of courses that a person can join to enhance his or her knowledge regarding the religion of Islam and their curriculums usually included studies ranging from the basic to the most complex.