Learn Islam and Defend It

The world has moved into a more digital and technologically advanced age. This transition has brought on its own set of obstacles and troubles that plague mankind. As science has made great advances it has ultimately led to humanity becoming more and more skeptical towards religion. This has categorically led a large portion of mankind to move away and separate itself and actually question the word of Allah (SWT). Every day Muslims especially those who live in non-Muslims areas and societies today cannot hold a debate with a person of scientific knowledge confidently and cannot defend their beliefs. This in the end makes the Muslim doubt faith. The main reason behind this inability to critically examine and defend Islam is due to the fact that Muslims today especially those in Western nations are not educated about their own faith. They know the basics of Islam and think that it is all they require to follow the religion of Allah (SWT). Whenever they hear about the distorted facts about Muslims in the media they take it as the truth and begin having suspicions. A mere 20 years ago, the task of educating Muslims who live abroad in Western nations was thought to be near impossible. With the advent of online education, online Quran classes can be acquired by anyone through an online Quran school.

An online Quran teaching school is by all standards just like a regular physical school that provides a number of courses and academic opportunities for the active learner. A person living in even the most obscure part of the world that is nearly completely depraved of the spiritual guidance of Allah’s (SWT) word the Quran can now gain admission in online Quran reading classes and learn the sacred scripture. There are many advantages of online education, the best one being its very flexible nature. As life has become busier and more hurdled, a person who finds it impossible to attend a regular institute due to his or her busy schedule can now simply enroll into an online Quran course and learn the Holy Book at their own convenience and timings. The availability and direct interaction with a learned and qualified scholar in a one on one environment is extremely beneficial to the learner. One of the biggest aspects that make online education superior over regular education is its overall availability and the low costs. There are no curriculums to buy for all the material that is required is provided online. Though all Muslims have Quran in their homes, p person enrolled in no matter how complex a course such as tajweed can have access to the best books and texts that through online means and these are usually provided by the institute.