Islamic Grammar

“…and recite the Quran in a measured tone.”
– Al-Quran Surah Muzammil (73:4)

The Holy Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as a source of infinite guidance to mankind so that they can live an organized and pious life that will bring them success in this world and the afterlife. The Quran has in it recorded the best rules and regulations regarding nearly every aspect of life and following them can lead to the happiness of Allah (SWT). The Quran is not an ordinary book and it must not be simply read. Since it was revealed in the Arabic language it is compulsory for the person to recite the Quran in the most perfect way as his or her own capabilities and must learn how to recite it correctly in order avoid any misunderstandings in meaning. It is no secret that a person listening to the Quran regardless if he or she are a Muslim or non-Muslim find their hearts soften. Tajweed can be roughly translated as “proficiency” in English. When used for the recitation of the Quran, Tajweed is the set of rules and regulations that are necessary to follow to correctly pronounce all the letters and word of the Quran so that their meanings are clear. Arabic is unique language since a similar word can have different meanings according to how it is pronounced in this language.

Tajweed is compulsory for all Muslims to learn when reciting the Quran and for those who do not have access to learning institutes can now join tajweed classes online where they can learn Quran reading online with tajweed. The Quran was not simply revealed in Arabic but was revealed with the rules of tajweed already applied to it meaning that when angel Jibreel (AS) recited the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for the first time, he recited the word of Allah (SWT) in a certain way and also taught the Prophet how it was permissible for the Muslims to recite it. Tajweed classes online have become popular with people in Western countries.