Islam places Teaching on Highest Rank of Nobility

Imam al-Baqir said: “He who teaches an item of knowledge that leads to the right guidance will be having the same rewards of them who apply that item to themselves, without any decrease in their rewards. And he who teaches an item of deviation will have to burden the same punishment that is decided for those who practice such an item without any decrease in their punishment.”
Islam being the best and most practical and one true religion in the world has for the longest time and in fact since its time of inception has paid credit to teachers for being the first building blocks of social development, guidance for the behaviours and mentalities of both individuals and communities. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) greatly cared of teachers and always promoted education. Teachers are after the parents, the first people in the life of a child that can have considerable impact on their psyche and behaviours. A good teacher is that which can easily impart good learning, behaviour and understanding on their pupils. This is why it is important for teachers to be both virtuous in their manners and knowledgeable in their teachings. Students are required and must be respectful towards their teachers and appreciate them for the services that they provide them and the community on the whole. As far as Islamic learning is concerned, Quran teachers are the best of people according to the sayings of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). In today’s internet dependent world, online Quran tutor and online Quran teachers have gained much followings and popularity. Many people around the world who are encompassed in their busy scheduled lives find it much more easy and productive to learn the holy book of Allah (SWT) from an online Quran tutor or online Quran teacher than to attend a proper institute and regular classes.