In depth Quranic Studies

The Nobel Quran is the literal word of Allah (SWT) that He revealed as a perfect source of legislation for humanity to liven a blessed life by. In the Quran can be found the rules, regulations and laws about all aspects of life and the references to the afterlife, and since the Quran is such an important book and sacred text it must be read, written and recited correctly and clearly so as to not create any kind of misunderstanding. Allah (SWT) said in the Quran, “and recite the Quran with a measured recitation.” (Quran Surah Muzammil 73:4)

It is a known fact that even the hardest of hearts that are blessed to be given a chance to listen to the Quran melt due to its elegance. Muslims who are not Arab and non-Muslims even find the listening to the Quran a deeply spiritual experience even if they do not understand what is being said. Every Muslims is required to recite some of the Quran during every prayer however what most fail to realize is that reciting the Quran with the correct pronunciations and grammatical rules is not incredibly hard and not exclusive to the most learned of reciters rather it is an obligation on each Muslims to learn Quran with tajweed.


Why learn Quran with Tajweed?

Tajweed is an Arabic word that literally means ‘doing something well’. When applied to the Quran it means that the Quran be given all of its rights and regulations when it is recited. Here the rights and regulations mean the grammatical rules that are inherent to the Arabic language be followed when reciting the Quran. It is a good fact to know that when the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it was revealed with the laws of tajweed set in place.

Who can help with Tajweed?

A good teacher or a good institute is a fine place to learn Quran with tajweed. However those that do not have ready access to such facilities can get in touch with any Online Quran Academy that provides such courses. There are millions of people today that make use of Online Quran Academy and schools to learn about the Quran today.