Importance of Tajweed in Memorization

The Holy Quran is the last scripture that Allah (SWT) sent down towards humanity so that they may find guidance by it and learn how to lead a prosperous life in this world and have a successful afterlife. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last messenger and to him Allah (SWT) revealed the Holy Quran. Unlike the previous scriptures that over time became corrupted by mankind, Allah (SWT) Himself in all His greatness and mercy took upon Himself the guardianship of the Quran so that it will remain unchanged and unaltered for all of eternity. There are various debates on how Quran has remained unchanged throughout the 14 centuries it has been among mankind. The most agreed upon consensus among the scholars that the Quran has remained in its original state due to the people who memorize it preserve it in their memories and hearts. The process of Quran memorization has been in effect since the time of the Prophet (SAW) for even then most people used to learn the revelations by heart.

A person can join a Quran tutors academy and into a Online Quran memorization classes. However one thing that is essential to anyone attempting to memorize the Quran is to have a good grasp on Tajweed. Tajweed is the rule of correctly pronouncing the letters of the Quran and though they are easily found around the Muslim world for those living in non-Muslim nations have a good alternative in tajweed classes online. Tajweed is a very important factor and an obligation towards the Quran and it is interesting to note that Quran was revealed with the rules of Tajweed intact that is when the Angel Jibreel (A.S) used to recite the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), he did so in the most perfect way in order so that people would know how it is permissible to recite the Quran. A Quran tutors academy has an expertly developed curriculum just like a regular institute and many even have online tajweed courses along with other online studies.