Importance of Recitation

There is a very significant difference between Reciting and Reading the Quran. When a person simply reads the Quran, he or she reads the word of Allah (SWT) in a normal tone, ignoring the phonetics and highs and lows of the grammar required. When a person Recites the Quran however, he or she takes into account all the grammatical rules and phonetics of the Arabic language and then let the words flow from their mouths in a melodious manner and tone. Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) Himself, it was revealed to the last messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over the course of 23 years. In this regard it is compulsory for every Muslim to read the Quran and act upon its guidance. It is also necessary that every person on the earth especially Muslims show a certain amount of respect towards this last Holy Scripture. Recitation to the best of one’s ability is a way to respect and show dignity towards the Quran.

There are many schools even online ones that provide courses to learn Quran recitation. Recitation does not come naturally though there are those who are more adept to learn it better than others. The capacity for recitation is best developed at an early age. Learning Quran for beginners can be a bit of a hurdle especially if they are new converts or have not had the privilege of gaining Quran education during their childhoods and it can be a difficult especially for non-Arab children. For this there are many who end up becoming scared to attend regular institutes to learn the word of Allah (SWT). For such people it is best they learn Quran at home until they are ready to join a school or institute. An online school that provides Islamic education can be joined to learn Quran at home and even learn Quran recitation. An online school is also the best choice that provides opportunities for learning Quran for beginners.