How Online Quran Classes are helping Muslims defend Islam from false Propaganda

The Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and the last revelation that he sent towards mankind as a Mercy from Him. The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over 1400 years ago and is to this day meant to be the guidance and light for all humanity in this dark and sad world. The Quran is the core of the religion of Islam and from it comes many of the laws and regulations to govern human life that Allah (SWT) has sent down. Apart from the Quran, the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) such as his actions and especially his sayings which are known as the hadith are the second biggest source of Islamic jurisprudence. It is no secret that Islam is a vast religion and learning it is a complete education, but know this that Islam is easy to learn and easy to implement on life. Islamic education in today’s world has become extremely common and popular throughout and there are millions of schools and colleges actively teaching people the religion of Allah (SWT). However these institutes are mostly found in the Muslim world and for those that live in western societies, finding a good learning place or a good teacher is a bit of a difficulty task. Rather it can be said that finding a good teacher to learn Quran from in western was a difficult task nearly a decade ago due to the rise of online Quran teaching, any person, anywhere in the world and at any time can learn the book of Allah (SWT).


Quran Classes Online

Quran online classes are the go to method for learning about Islam for millions of people across the world today. Muslims have taken great initiatives with the rise of online education in the world to spread Islamic knowledge among the people through these online Quran teaching courses. There are many direct and indirect benefits of Quran online classes that have come out since their inception.

1.    One of the biggest benefits of these Quran online classes is obviously the availability of ready Islamic knowledge to the masses of the Muslims and non-Muslims alike. People no longer need to reschedule their lives in order to attend Islamic centers to learn about Islam because online Quran schools provide highly flexible courses according to the students own timings. This allows them to learn about Islam whereas before they could not.

2.    Another benefit of these online classes has come out in the form of highly educated and religiously aware people around the world. Today people are aware of what their religion really has to say and use this knowledge to actively clear any misunderstandings that others might have about Islam. This however is still at a far lower scale as compared to the general media of the world that are actively involved in spreading false allegations and a savage rhetoric against Islam and it will take Muslims to come together on a single platform to counter these false propagandas through intellectual talks and by spreading the true message of ProphetMuhammad‘s (SAW) religion.